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Professional Dead Animal Removal Services at an Affordable Price

We offer 24/7 dead animal removal service in Canberra for domestic and industrial properties at an affordable price. Our skilled professionals can remove dead animals carefully using advanced technology to lift them from areas such as the roof cavity, roof tiles, roof space, and wall cavities.

The unpleasant odours emanating from the animal cadaver will intensify and spread. With the use of eco-friendly treatments, our team can quickly eradicate the foul smell from the decomposing animal body and make your property clean and hygienic.

Through our emergency and same-day services, we guarantee to reach your property in an hour and proceed with the complete removal of the animal carcass.

Call True Pest Control today for an obligation-free quote with no hidden charges!

Dead Animal Removal Services in Canberra

Dead Mice Removal Canberra

If you have used mouse traps or gotten rid of mice, there may be dead ones hidden away in the corners. Don't worry - call us and we will help get them out!

Dead Pets Removal

We will remove your pet's dead body and ensure that the place is clean. Pets are like family members, so their death can be sorrowful; but you need to get rid of them right away for safety reasons.

Removal of a Dead Cat

Call us right away and we will remove the dreaded dead cat from your place. The smell, sight, and health hazards of a deceased feline are too much to handle on one's own.

Dead Bird Removal

If you find a dead bird in your yard, don't wait - call us immediately. With our complete dead animal removal service in Canberra, we'll remove that corpse before it becomes even more of an issue than just being gross and smelly!

Removal of a Dead Dog

If a dog dies on your premises, you can rely on us for quick dead animal removal. We offer this service at an affordable price and are available 24/7 to take care of the situation.

Dead Possum Removal Canberra

If you smell a nasty stench in your attic, that's because there is probably a dead possum up there. You can't just remove it yourself - our experts know how to find and dispose of them without contaminating or damaging your property with their noxious odours.

Dead Rats Removal Canberra

Dead rats are more dangerous than when they're alive. They can spread numerous health threats, and that's why we need to remove them as soon as possible. Contact us today if you spot a dead rat in your home or business so we can eliminate the problem for good!

Dead Rodent Removal Canberra

Rodents that have passed on, or are in the process of dying can be more dangerous than when they were alive. The dead rodent poses numerous health risks and should always be removed immediately. Call us to eliminate any related dirt as well!

Potential Health Risks Associated With Dead Animal Carcasses

Potential Health Risks Associated With Dead Animal

Having a dead animal on your property can pose significant health risks. A rotting animal carcass can transmit diseases like salmonella, typhoid, or rabies, which can be harmful to your health.

The presence of a dead animal also attracts various pests to your house, which can lead to even more serious health problems. Furthermore, exposure to a decaying animal can even lead to skin issues like rashes and itching.

Thus, it becomes crucial to contact professional dead animal removal services and protect yourself and your loved ones from such grave health issues. Get in touch with True Pest Control today for a quick dead animal removal service.

Why Avail of Our Dead Possum And Animal Removal Services?

Most of the time, an animal’s death is unexpected or something you do not prepare for. A dead rat or possum is never a good sight to see. You need to act fast in removing their body from the property. Otherwise, the animal corpse will decompose and the bad smell will spread across your property.

However, removing the corpse on your own might be a difficult task. Handling the animal carcass on your own may expose you to various health risks especially if you have little to no knowledge on how to remove the dead animal efficiently. It takes extensive knowledge and appropriate equipment to remove them.

In this case, the best course of action is to call a professional dead animal and possum removal company to get the job done for you.

We provide emergency and same-day dead animal removal services in Canberra for homes and commercial properties. You can expect our specialists to arrive at your property within an hour after your service schedule has been confirmed.

24/7 Emergency Dead Animal Removal Service

It is an alarming sight to see animal corpses such as dead possums on your property. You need to eliminate the dead animal right away as the foul odour may worsen over time. Call specialists like us to eradicate the carcass for you on your preferred schedule.

We provide fast and reliable emergency dead animal removal services in Canberra at an affordable price. Our team of technicians understand the importance of urgency which is why we ensure to reach your property in an hour upon your booking.

Our Detailed Strategy for Removing Dead Animals

We follow a step-by-step procedure in order to remove the animal carcass safely. It can be difficult to identify and remove a dead animal when it is situated in remote areas such as the roof. Our team can handle the comprehensive dead animal and possum removal and meet high-quality results by the end of the procedure.

Here is our detailed plan for removing dead animals

Property Pre-Inspections

Our procedure begins by inspecting your property meticulously. Possible entry points of the animals will also be investigated to prevent animals to re-enter your property once more.

Once we have located the carcass, our team will check if there are more carcasses left unchecked on your premises.

Treatment Plan

Once we have located the animal carcass, we will safely remove them. We will also apply non-toxic chemicals to disinfect the areas where the carcass may have already accumulated bacteria and other pests that can be a threat to your health and safety.

Post-Inspections of Your Property

We will conduct a final inspection before leaving to make sure that we did not miss any dead animals in your place. Our team will discuss preventive tips to avoid the recurrence of having animal carcasses in the future.

Industrial Animal Carcass Removal Services in Canberra

Dead animals are the last thing you want to see on industrial premises. As a businessman, you want to keep your commercial premises sanitary at all times. An animal corpse is an atrocious reflection of the reputation of your company and most customers will lose trust in your service.

Let the technicians do the exhaustive work for you and avail of our commercial animal carcasses and possum removal in Canberra suburbs today. Our trained professionals can safely handle the removal process using advanced equipment and organically formulated treatments to meet exceptional results.

Importance of Dead Animal Removal

Out of all pest-related concerns and services, dead animal removal is the most urgent. Here are a few reasons why a dead animal removal service should be executed immediately.

Health And Hygiene

Dead animals carry a variety of bacteria and other pests with them, which may be harmful to humans and pets.

Foul Odour

All of the bacteria that accumulates on a dead animal will cause the tissues to decompose. Natural gases are released as a result and may create a serious odour concern in the property.

Residential Dead Animal Removal Services in Canberra

The lingering foul smell you are detecting could be a rotting animal corpse inside your household. You do not want your children and other family members exposed to the unpleasant odour brought by the animal carcass.

While it is tempting to do it all by yourself, we recommend you let the experts do the appropriate removal techniques to prevent any unwanted mishaps.

Our certified team of technicians has years of experience providing residential dead animal removal service in Canberra at a competitive price. Using eco-safe spray solutions and modern equipment, we can guarantee quality outcomes by the end of the procedure.

Same-Day Dead Animal Removal Services in Canberra

Our specialists are ready 24/7 to address your concerns through our same-day dead animal and possum removal services in Canberra. With a sanitary issue this urgent, it is important to act fast to prevent hazardous health conditions for your and your loved ones.

The same-day services we offer guarantees the punctual arrival of our expert team within one hour upon the confirmation of your appointment. Get in touch with us today for an affordable same-day service for your homes and offices.

Stress-free Carcass Removal Canberra

Let our skilful and licensed experts be the ones to handle the removal of the animal carcass for you. With us, we guarantee a hassle-free removal of the animal corpse without spending a huge amount of money.

Call us today for same-day service for carcass removal for your homes and offices.

  • Safe removal of dead animals using advanced tools
  • Same-day Service
  • 24/7 availability
  • Extremely helpful technicians
  • Free quote with no hidden charges

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What methods do professionals use for dead animal body disposal?

A: The experts at True Pest Control use methods like burial and incineration to dispose of dead animal bodies.

Q2: Which dead animals are removed by your experts?

A: Our professionals remove almost all kinds of animals including cats, dogs, foxes, rodents, birds, etc.

Q3: Do you charge on an hourly basis?

A: No, don’t charge on an hourly basis. We would visit your property and identify the signs of dead animals. Based on the work and property size, we would tell you the final price.

Q4: Do you remove dead animals from commercial places?

Yes, our professionals can remove dead animals from all kinds of commercial properties such as schools, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, etc.

Q5: Why dead animals should be removed from a property on same day?

Dead animals would release bad odours because of the decomposition process. Germs and tiny pests surround the corpses and affect human health. That’s why, emergency removal of dead animals is essential.