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Efficient Possum Control Services in Canberra

We are one of the most trusted experts for professional and economical possum removal services in Canberra. Our years of reliable service have made us one of the most in-demand companies that deliver high-quality results on the day you book an appointment.

All our possum catchers are licensed to conduct professional possum removal procedures in homes and businesses. We use the latest equipment that allows us to achieve 100% exceptional outcomes. Our same-day possum removal services assure you of our on-time arrival on your premises. We will be at your location within one hour upon confirming your appointment.

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What Are Possums?

Possums are native Australian marsupials that cause little to no harm to residents in Canberra. They will just mind their own business and do not prey on humans.

There are two types of possums - the ringtail possums, and brushtail possums. The common ringtail possum appearance has white patches under their eyes and cream-coloured stomach. Ringtails are known to have a prehensile tail which they use for better mobility.

The ringtail possum's molars are sharp and have pointed cusps, which makes them more frightening to deal with once they behave aggressively.

This is one of many behavioural habits that can pose a threat to you, your family, or your colleagues if a possum concern is left unattended. Brushtail possum species is endemic to Australia and is named for its distinctive furry tail which enables them to swing from side to side. They have silver grey and gold colour variations.

A possum problem can still have a significant impact on your home, lifestyle, and health. It is important to have them professionally removed if you suspect any sign of them living on your roof. Residents who have vulnerable immunity systems makes possums a lot more dangerous to be around - especially because of the bacteria they carry.

Extermination of possums is illegal in Australia. That is why proper removal and transfer of possums is needed to ensure utmost safety. If you think there are possums within the vicinity, call our possum removal company to carefully treat the matter and have your property possum-free in no time.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Possum Removal Experts?

Possums do not directly attack nor harm humans. But once you have noticed their presence inside your Canberra property, do not think twice about seeking professional assistance from our possum catchers.

Here are a few reasons why professional possum removal is important:

  • Possum droppings carry bacteria that may trigger flesh-eating ulcers and even lifelong physical disabilities in humans.
  • Possums may be aggressive with your pets if they get inside your home.
  • Possums can be carriers of parasites such as ticks and fleas.

We do not advise that you remove the possums on your own as their sharp teeth and claws can cause wounds and injuries.

That is why you should call possum removal specialists from a well-established company in Canberra to get the matter resolved safely and effectively.

Emergency Possum Removal Services in Canberra

Though possums are small, they are aggressive once they feel threatened. They can severely damage your property and spread foul smells from their waste. It is important to have them removed because possum faeces contain bacteria that can lead to serious medical conditions.

Possums are also carriers of ticks and fleas that can be transmitted to your beloved pets. Once you see signs of possums present inside your property, call True Pest Control specialists immediately.

We offer emergency possum removal services in Canberra. Once your scheduled service has been confirmed, you can expect our technicians to be at your Canberra property within an hour. You can contact us any time and we will provide you with excellent service on the day of your appointment.

Domestic Possum Removal Service in Canberra

Possums can unexpectedly infest your household at any time. They commonly enter your premises through roof space and search for suitable hiding places for them to survive. When possums die in your residential premises, they spread a foul stench that you would not want to experience.

Once you have noticed any obvious signs of possums thriving in your residence, do not hesitate to contact us for a safe and comprehensive possum pest control service.

Our company provides a cost-effective domestic possum removal service in Canberra. We can carry out a meticulous removal procedure with utmost care to remove the possums from your household.

By applying organic treatments, rest assured that we can eliminate the foul odour that comes with the dead possums that we may find on your premises. Request a quote and book our possums control for your home today!

Same-Day Possum Control in Canberra

Once you see a possum inside your Canberra property, call a professional possum catcher to resolve this matter instantly. It is illegal to exterminate possums as they are protected species in Australia - and letting them wander On your premises may lead to serious health and structural damage.

Fortunately, we offer same-day possum control in Canberra 24/7. Our licensed possum catchers can reach your place an hour upon confirmation of your appointment. We follow a detailed procedure to ensure the safe removal of the possums from your residential and industrial premises.

The Effective Possum Removal Procedure

Property Inspection

By the time we arrive at your premises, our team will inspect possible possum infestation sites. We will check possible entry points and hiding areas.

The meticulous inspections are made possible with advanced tools handled by our certified professionals.

Live And Dead Possum Removal Procedure

We will create a possum removal plan based on the findings of the inspection. Prior to the procedure, our team will inform you of the procedure, the timeline of the removal plan, and the expected outcomes.

Once you approve the treatment plan, we will start removing the possums carefully. Our extremely helpful professionals will set up innovative cages to trap possums. In case you have a dead possum, we will check the surroundings, including the inside roof, to remove it immediately.

Post-Inspection And Preventive Measures

After carefully removing the possums, our expert team will now inspect your property once again to check if we have overlooked other possible hideouts. We will install plastic barriers to prevent the possums from climbing into your property zone.

Before we leave, our specialists will provide you with helpful tips to avoid the recurrence of the infestation. We may advise netting over fruit trees and edible plants to keep them out of your property.

Commercial Possum Removal Canberra

Maintaining a possum-free workplace is critical to protect your employees and customers from the hazards posed by possums. Occasionally, a dead possum may be left unchecked for an extended period of time until its unpleasant odour begins to become evident in your company property.

Individuals exposed to possum droppings may have a long-term functional disability. While it is tempting to remove the possums all by yourself, keep in mind that possum removal is difficult and must be handled in a professional manner to avoid legal issues as exterminating them is prohibited in Australia.

Our certified experts can provide commercial possum removal in Canberra at an affordable price. We will control possums using advanced tools and eco-safe solutions. Our emergency service guarantees speedy assistance upon the confirmation of your appointment.

Expert Canberra Possum Removal For Homes And Businesses

Our possum removal company has years of experience in dedicated research to provide great service for possum control in Canberra on residential and commercial premises. We are consistent in delivering rapid support for same-day and emergency services. By the time you confirm your booking, we will arrive at your property within an hour.

Since possums are protected by the wildlife act, it is important to hire experts like us to remove them safely. We only utilise state-of-the-art equipment that guarantees cautious removal of possums from your premises. Additionally, our team is equipped with nature-friendly treatments to eliminate the foul odour that comes with the possums.

Feel free to book our possum removal services anytime! We are open 24/7 to address your concerns. Book us now for efficient possum control for your homes and businesses at an economical price!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to get rid of possums quickly?

A: You could hire possum removal experts to get rid of possums quickly. Professionals look for signs of pest infestation and use various tools to catch and relocate possums safely.

Q2: How much do you charge for possum removal service?

A: Our possum control service is quite affordable. We charge according to the severity of pest infestation and property size. To get the quote, you can call us.

Q3: Do possums spread diseases?

A: Yes, possums spread multiple diseases such as Chagas disease, spotted fever, tuberculosis, and toxoplasmosis.

Q4: What are the best repellents for possums?

A: Possums hate strong scents of garlic, mothballs and ammonia. You could use these things to repel possums.

Q5: Do you provide emergency service for possum removal?

A: Yes. True Pest Control is available 24/7 to remove possums from your home or property. To schedule a service, please call us.

Q6: How do you get rid of possums permanently?

A: Getting rid of possums permanently requires a combination of removing food sources, blocking access points, and using humane deterrents.