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Affordable And Reliable Spider Control Canberra

Spider Control Canberra

We provide reliable and affordable spider removal services in Canberra. Our team has vast years of experience in conducting comprehensive spider control procedures that are suited to provide homes and businesses with a clean and spider-free environment.

Through the same-day and emergency services we offer, you can expect us to arrive at your premises within an hour after you confirm your booking. This guarantees that we will be able to resolve your spider dilemma in no time.

Your safety is our topmost priority - that is why the treatments we use throughout our extermination procedures are 100% eco-safe with no negative side effects.

Call True Pest Control today for a friendly and professional service for spider control in Canberra!

Domestic Spider Control in Canberra

Severe spider infestation in your household may be detrimental to both your house and the health of your family. Spiders are filthy and spread bacteria in bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. They can also transmit various illnesses because of said bacteria.

Our residential spider control service is available 24/7 should you need rapid assistance from our experts. We are dedicated to keeping your household safe while removing the spider infestation. Our experts will extensively inspect your homes for any signs of spider movement and eliminate them using the latest equipment.

Residential Spider Control

Whether you are dealing with ground-dwelling spiders or a webbing one, rest assured that we can remove them completely. Book our professional spider control service for your home today!

Why Do You Need Professional Spider Control Services?

Spiders can be problematic in a Canberra property because of the fatal consequences their venomous bites can bring. There are over a thousand spiders living in Australia alone including the most dangerous and lethal species.

Spiders can be a serious problem for you and your property for a variety of causes, including:

  • Spider phobia is common and can cause great distress to some people.
  • They leave an unhealthy atmosphere on your property.
  • Not all spider bites are fatal but their bites can cause an allergic reaction and serious infections.

Once you need help handling spiders on your property, call our team of trained technicians to get rid of the spiders in no time.

Types of Spiders

Spiders are amongst the creepiest creatures you may encounter inside your premises - which leaves most people wondering how many species of spiders exist in Australia. The answer to that is more than thousands - making anyone who has a spider phobia even more terrified than they already are.

Spiders love to thrive in quiet and undisturbed areas. Additionally, they may also infest yards and gardens.

Spiders rely on other insects to survive - that is why other insect infestations are also prevalent if spiders are thriving on your premises. They can also attract dangerous spiders to enter and infest your property, and even eat common house spiders already living on your property.

Here are some of the types of spiders that you may encounter in your Canberra premises:

White Tail Spiders

White Tail Spider

A white tail spider is more likely to be found indoors during the summer months. White-tailed spiders are scavengers who dwell in underwood, rocks, vegetation, logs, and debris found in bushes and gardens.

Although the bite of a typical white-tailed spider may be unpleasant, the initial burning sensation, inflammation, redness, and itching at the bite site will typically subside.

Huntsman Spider

Huntman Spider

Despite their enormous size and rather frightening look, huntsman spiders have not been reported to hurt people or to be hostile. Therefore is not classified as hazardous. However, the bite of these web-spinning spiders may be very painful and cause inflammation.

Regardless, they are very wary and will attempt to avoid human touch. When spotted, they may move at rapid speed to avoid human contact - which makes it harder to catch them.

Redback Spiders

Redback Spider

The red-back spider is considered one of the most venomous spiders in Australia. People who got bitten by this kind of spider species have experienced nausea, loss of coordination, and even convulsions.

Redback spiders frequently gather outdoors. They are often seen under logs or behind boulders in the wilderness since they like dark, dry environments. The red-back has been seen in buildings and residential properties living under roof eaves, floors, shelves, plant pots, and gardens.

Wolf Spiders

Wolf Spider

The wolf spider is a non-threatening species that feed on bugs and is thus not as dangerous as other spiders. Although wolf spiders are not lethal to humans, they may bite and inflict unpleasant symptoms. A wolf spider bite is not much of a concern, since they are not dangerous to humans.

These nomadic spiders do not use their webs to capture their prey, rather they hunt them down.

Daddy Long-legs Spider

Daddy Longlegs Spider

Although Daddy-Longlegs is a deadly spider, their fangs are quite too short to bite people.

They feed on smaller pests captured in their webs. Daddy long legs are often seen in dark parts of rooms, such as wardrobes, drawers, and under mattresses.

False Widow Spider

False Widow Spider

False widow spiders carry pathogenic microorganisms that are resistant to commonly used antibiotics. When its fangs get lodged in human flesh, it transmits illness to unknowing victims.

When this spider bites, venom is released, which may cause the skin to become red, swollen, and irritated. The poison from a sting often results in the formation of a swelling, itchy, red mark on the skin.

Orb-Weaving Spider

Orb Weaving Spider

The Golden Orb Weaving Spider is found in dry forest areas and woods, coastal sand dune shrubland and mangrove environments.

All orb weaving spiders produce hanging, sticky, wheel-shaped orb webs. Webs are put in gaps between trees and bushes where insects may likely fly through.

Orb weavers are reluctant to attack. Symptoms of their bites are generally minimal or moderate local pain, numbness and inflammation. Occasionally nausea and dizziness might arise following a bite.

If you have been bitten, seek medical treatment if symptoms continue.

Brown Recluse Spider

Brown Recluse Spider

Brown recluse spiders are not naturally hostile and will usually flee for shelter when feeling threatened. They reside in undisturbed places away from humans. However, when these spiders feel trapped, they are known to bite.

The living brown recluse species range in colour from tan to dark brown. Although the bite is generally not painful, it causes a sharp pain followed by severe soreness that may last up to six to eight hours. Typically, a tiny blister forms at the bite site and the surrounding area may swell.

Signs of A Spider Infestation

There are common signs that you can look out for when determining if you have a spider infestation. Once you see any of the following signs, call our company for a spider control service fit for your Canberra property:

  • If you have other insects infesting your house, spiders would start eating them as well.
  • Noticing spider webs on corners, ceilings, or walls.
  • Spiders lurking in damp and dark areas such as the basement, bathroom, and attic.

Same-day Spider Control Canberra

Same Day Spider Control

Spider problems should be dealt with quickly before it gets worse. Once you see spider webs on your property, take that as a warning sign to have professionals inspect your premises for any signs of an infestation right away. Do not kill spiders on your own as this may worsen the situation.

We are a leading spider control expert in Canberra that offers same-day spider removal service on the day you book an appointment. Our team can eliminate spider infestations in homes and businesses using advanced equipment and eco-safe spider treatments.

By the time you confirm your schedule, expect us to visit your property within one hour to resolve the spider problem.

Our Step-By-Step Spider Treatment Plan

We have procedures that effectively remove spider infestations from homes and commercial premises. Our experts can create a tailored plan designed to eliminate the level of spider infestation you have in your Canberra property.

Initial Inspection

Once we reach your property, we will inspect all the possible infestation sites using UV detectors. Our team will meticulously facilitate the pre-inspection and look for spider eggs on your window corners, garden, and kitchen cupboards.

The findings of the inspection will determine the severity of the spider infestation, as well as the root cause of the problem.

Spider Control Treatment

After the inspection, we will eliminate spider infestation of any kind through a customised spider treatment plan. This treatment will specifically target to exterminate these insects from the spider location and resolve the problem on your property.

Our spider control services include the use of non-toxic chemical solutions, insect growth regulators, and install sticky traps that will exterminate the spider species on your property. We also provide disinfecting and sanitisation services to thoroughly eradicate spiders.

Prior to the treatment, we will explain the equipment and solutions to be used and the expected outcomes after the procedure. Depending on the severity of the infestation, we may also use a spider spray and set up pheromone traps to capture the venomous spiders safely.


After providing spider control, our team will facilitate a final inspection on your premises to make sure that all spider species are eradicated completely. We will also provide tips to minimise the possibility of future infestations.

Maintaining cleanliness is necessary to keep your property spider-free. You need to install proper window screens to prevent spider's migration on your premises. You can routinely check your plumbing pipes, gardens, and cupboards to see if there are spiders hiding.

Emergency Spider Control Canberra

When spider infestation is not treated correctly, it may cause massive problems. Their tiny size allows them to burrow into almost any area in your house, lay eggs, form nondescript and irregular webs, and multiply.

There is no time to waste once you think your property has been overrun by spiders. Contact us for emergency services and our certified team will reach your premises within an hour.

We offer emergency spider control services in Canberra. Our team is ready 24/7 to provide you with professional treatment on your preferred schedule. With us, you do not have to worry about these creepy crawlies any longer. Call us today to rid your property of spiders!

Emergency Spider Control

Commercial Spider Control Canberra

Commercial Spider Control

Business premises are also vulnerable to having dangerous spiders on their property. The mere presence of crawling or webbing spiders is enough to scare your customers and employees away. Although other spiders rarely bite human beings, their infestation makes your commercial premises unhygienic and unsightly for your staff and clients.

There is no way of telling if the spiders you have in your commercial premises are dangerous species - that is why it is best to let experts like us remove the spiders safely from your business property.

Our pest control company offers commercial spider control in Canberra at a reasonable price. We utilise modern tools to inspect and treat the spiders effectively.

We will arrive at your business property upon the confirmation of your scheduled appointment. Call us for an affordable and reliable commercial spider removal today!

Affordable Spider Treatment Solution in Canberra

We are a professional and trustworthy name that provides spider pest control service in Canberra. Our pest controllers can develop detailed procedures to ensure the complete removal of spiders from your homes and businesses.

The spider control services we offer include same-day and emergency assistance that is meant to address your concerns instantly. By the time you set up an appointment, expect us to arrive within an hour equipped with the appropriate tools needed to control the spiders. We are consistent with our friendly professional service to meet 100% satisfactory outcomes for our clients.

Whether you are dealing with hunting, crawling, or webbing spiders, our team can eliminate them right away. Call us today and we will provide you with the spider-free environment that you need!