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Eco-safe birds control service in Sydney

We are one of the sought-after companies providing safe bird control services in Sydney for domestic and commercial premises. Birds do not always pose a threat to people. However, it is important to immediately transfer the birds and their nest away from your vicinity to prevent exposing you to hazardous health problems.

Our same-day and emergency services guarantee a rapid response from our team to address your concerns for bird removal. You can expect our arrival in an hour once you have confirmed your appointment. We will utilise a detailed approach to efficiently remove and transfer the birds and their nest to a more ideal environment.

Backed by years of experience, our expert team can guarantee a safe and successful bird removal service for your homes and commercial Sydney premises by the end of your service. Call True Pest Control today and experience excellent service for bird control at competitive rates!

What are bird infestations?

Birds are not harmful in any way but they can be problematic. A bird population will often build their nests using leaves, twigs, grasses, and sometimes even human rubbish such as plastic. This can cause a lot of waste to pile up, leaving trash on your Sydney property.

Birds usually build their nests on roof cavities, window ledges, storage facilities, and gutters. The objects that they land on can damage electrical wirings and cause property damage. What is worse is that birds may invite a variety of other unwelcome pests, including fleas and parasites, but the most common are bird mites.

Bird mite feeds on both featherless nestlings and adult birds, and the abundance of nesting material utilised by the birds provides an excellent habitat for the mites to grow. Basically, mites feed on bird blood and this supports them to complete their life cycle. The mites have a short life cycle of 7 days and are capable of swiftly colonising wide areas.

When young birds leave the nest or die, a large number of mites remain. These mites disseminate from the nest into and around the habitat in pursuit of a new and suitable host which can cause health problems for you and the occupants of the property.

Hire us today for safe and effective bird nest removal services guaranteed to eliminate the problem for you immediately. We are open 24/7 to address your problems.

Where to look for a bird nest?

A bird nest can be found on tall buildings of commercial properties. This is common for pigeons since they prefer slopes, roof voids, and buildings.

You can also find these nests on roofs, balconies, pipes, and ledges of interior and exterior walls as these are some of their other favourite nesting locations in residential properties.

During the breeding season, people may be troubled and attacked by birds defending their newly born chicks. Bird droppings can also cause building materials to corrode which leads to financial loss in repairs.

We do not advise removing a bird's nest on your own since they are situated in high places. To avoid any accidents from happening, it is best to call us to remove the birds' nest for you. With our durable safety gear and equipment, our team will cautiously and effectively accomplish the birds' nest removal service.

Residential bird nest removal Sydney

Birds nesting near or in your household in Sydney is a serious issue. The birds are often a source of transmittable diseases and germs that lead to health risks for your family and even pets. In order to remove birds appropriately, we highly recommend you call us to handle the job for you.

Our company offers same-day services for residential bird's nest removal in Sydney. We can reach your household within one hour once you confirm your appointment with us.

Resolving this type of infestation requires extensive experience by professionals to safely remove the native birds to a safer habitat away from your residence. Call us today so we can resolve this problem immediately.

Industrial bird removal in Sydney

Birds may look pleasing at first, but having their nest nearby your office can be a challenging problem over time. They can affect the sanitation of your office surroundings and contaminate food production for food establishments and warehouses.

Removing the bird's nest on your own may do more harm than good. There is a good chance that you may do it incorrectly and jeopardise the safety of your employees and customers.

To remove birds safely, call experts who specialise in bird management for business premises in Sydney.

We provide professional service for industrial bird control in Sydney at a reasonable price. Our company is one of the most sought-after providers who have years of experience delivering high-quality results for all of our clients in Sydney. Through our emergency service, we will safely remove the birds and their nests from your property immediately.

What are the dangers of bird droppings?

Bird droppings are breeding sites for parasites that can cause diseases to humans.

Histoplasmosis is an illness that is spread through the air by inhaling spores of a fungus that is often found in bird and bat excrement. The illness is most often disseminated by inhalation of these spores after they have been released into the air, such as during construction or cleaning work.

Primary infection happens when spores transported by the air is inhaled — most often after disturbance of a roost. The majority of infections are mild and cause no symptoms or mild influenza-like sickness.

On rare occasions, the condition may result in a high temperature, abnormal blood counts, pneumonia, and even death.

Many may undermine the dangers of bird droppings, but it can get worse if not addressed quickly. Once you notice that there are birds lurking on your Sydney property, call our experts to resolve this issue immediately.

Signs of a birds nest in your Sydney residence

Since bird nests are built in high places such as roofs, they are not the easiest to spot or how to identify how these birds enter the premises. Here are a few other signs you can look out for to determine if there is a birds nest in your Sydney residence:

  • Constant bird noises
  • Bird droppings outside of your house
  • Feathers on the ground or nest debris (such as twigs, leaves, even plastic)

It is important to get in touch with responsive experts to remove the birds safely from your premises. Our business is open around the clock should you need speedy bird's nest removal for your homes and offices in Sydney. Call us today and get an obligation-free quote!

Same-day bird control services in Sydney

Once you notice a flock of birds around your Sydney premises, do not hesitate to avail of professional services from our certified and extremely friendly technicians.

We provide immediate response for same-day bird control services for homes and offices in Sydney at an economical price. Our expert team understands that bird problems can escalate quickly when left ignored. Fortunately, we are trained to take prompt actions to resolve your bird problem without delay.

Once your appointment is confirmed, we will reach your premises in an hour.

Sydney bird removal and treatment plan

Our specialists will customise a comprehensive bird control service to remove the birds and their nests safely. Ensuring you and the birds' safety is our highest priority - which is why we guarantee outstanding results by the end of your appointment.

This bird exclusion procedure adheres to Australian standards to ensure quick and efficient service. Here is how we facilitate our whole process for birds control:

Property inspections

Our professionals will thoroughly assess the bird's nest on your property. We will determine the pest bird species and inspect the nesting materials on your property.

Bird removal plan

We will customise a plan to safely remove and transfer the birds. Our team will discuss preventative measures to avoid property damage and unwanted harm on your end.

Our detailed bird's removal plan will include the treatment procedure, the duration of the service, what equipment will be used, and the anticipated outcomes.

Our removal plan will include the following:

  • Removal of nesting materials
  • Set up of bird netting
  • Clearing of blocked gutters
  • Installation of bird spikes and shock tracks
  • Bird proofing of your property


Right after facilitating our birds control measures, we will facilitate another property inspection to ensure that the bird proofing materials are installed properly. To prevent birds from reappearing on your property, our specialists will provide you with tips such as:

  • Regular clean up of gutters and eliminate standing water around your site, which attracts troublesome birds
  • Eliminate any accumulated waste
  • Pruning trees and bushes surrounding your property

Emergency bird control Sydney

We provide rapid service for emergency bird control in Sydney for domestic and commercial premises at a reasonable price. Removing the birds is no easy task. It is always important to trust experts like us to handle the situation for you as it will require pest control experts to resolve it.

Our emergency bird management guarantees our on-time arrival on your premises. Once you have confirmed your booking, we will arrive at your premises within an hour with our advanced equipment suitable for removing the birds safely. You can count on our professionals for speedy service on the day of your booking.

Comprehensive bird control Sydney

We are one of the most trusted pest control companies that offer bird management in Sydney. Our licensed experts have vast years of experience in handling bird removal services in households and offices that guarantees impressive outcomes for our clients across the city.

Here are some of the benefits you will get when you avail of our services:

  • Safe removal of birds' nests using advanced tools
  • Same-day service
  • 24/7 availability
  • Extremely helpful technicians
  • Bird proofing upon post-inspection
  • Free quote with no hidden charges

Our bird removal services are tailored to protect your home or business from a bird infestation while posing no threat to the native wildlife in Sydney. We take the job seriously as we understand how birds can get out of hand. Call us today for an efficient bird removal service at competitive rates!