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We provide same-day ant control and removal services for ant infestations in Brisbane for residential and commercial premises. Our emergency permanent ant removal process will eradicate ants (black ants, red ants, fire ants, garden ants, yellow and electric ants) in minimum possible time.

True Pest Control ant control technicians will customise an effective strategy to eradicate the ants from your property. All you have to do is call us and our expert team will assist you to get a free quote.

Ants species and its infestation

Ants infestation can be seen in various commercial properties such as offices and restaurants. Ants are also seen in residential properties as long as there are enough resources for their sustenance.

4000 known ant species are commonly found in Australia. The most common ant species that you may find in Brisbane are the carpenter ants, Coastal Brown ants, Blackhouse ants, black garden ants, Light brown ants, Fire ants, Electric ants, yellow ants, ants with the darker posterior abdomen, Carpenter ants.

In general, they are harmless however fire ants are well known for the searing pain caused by their bite, and if someone gets bitten by a large group of Red ants, that may cause anaphylaxis in that person.

A swarm of ants infesting your kitchen is a health hazard you want to avoid altogether. You will need to hire ant control service who provides same-day emergency services in Brisbane

There are other types of ants which can be seen in Brisbane such as carpenter ants, black garden ants, and meat ants. We also offer carpenter ant treatment as well as black ant control services in Brisbane. We decide our process based on the characteristics of ant species and the extent of the infestation.

How to find ants infestation?

To find the ant's colonies you have to follow the ant pathways.

Ants are social insects that leave behind them a trace of a chemical called pheromone to drive other ants to the food source and back to the colony. Although the ants, in general, have a short lifespan but the colony lifetime can be quite long.

Check for ant activity near the doors, windows, carpet edges, garden areas and all over the kitchen surface for worker ants and entry points. When you find the ants and their food source, just follow them and you will reach their nest.

ants food

If you believe that you have a Carpenter ant infestation, this species is nocturnal so, the best time to try and find their nest locations is at night. You will see them emerging from the damaged wooden area in your property as well from wood piled outdoors and water damaged wood.

Meanwhile, the Argentine ants travel long distances for food, which makes finding their nest a slightly more difficult job. The Argentine ants drive other species away from the area.

Coastal Brown Ants

The Coastal Brown ant is a very invasive type of ant. They create large colonies in your property because they have multiple queens.

Their usual habitat is on dry soil, lawn, pavement and bricks. Their nests are usually easy to spot since they have mounds on the top at the entrance.

As soon as you discover the colony that is causing the ant infestation at your home make sure you get in touch with us to provide you with our services of ant control in Brisbane.

What can cause an ant infestation?

Much like humans, ants are really into food. Unlike humans, their feeding preferences are much wider than ours.

Depending on their breed, most species of ants may eat from insects to wood. Which makes them a guest who is easy to please.

Of course, food products are their main preference. They are particularly attracted to sweet foods and will find their way to your pantry.

The best way to prevent them from reaching your kitchen is to clean up immediately after meals and, more importantly, right after any spillage from liquid foods. Make sure you also clean under your appliances, small pieces of food always end up underneath your fridge or stove.

Make sure that you seal your food inside airtight containers. Store food in the pantry or the fridge.

If you have pets, don't let their food in the bowls throughout the night. The pet food will also attract the ants, and although ants are not harmful to dogs and cats, your furry friend may not like the "extra flavour" in their meal.

At the first sign of a pest ants infestation on your domicile, seek our excellent service and our ant control specialists will be more than happy to help you.

More ways to prevent an ant infestation

As we said before, ants are not only attracted to food. They will also find food sources in garden vegetation, dead insects, corpses - for example, a dead rat - amongst many other things.

So if you are keen on preventing them from creating their nest directly inside your property nor feasting on your rubbish bins, you can also include these extra steps on your prevention list:

  • Trim and prune the plants in your yard, garden beds, and dispose of the offcuts properly;
  • Seal up cracks and crevices inside and outside of your house;
  • Keep the wheelie bins clean and tidy. Empty your indoor rubbish bins frequently and keep them always covered and clean;
  • Check for small animal carcasses that may end up in your yard due to weather or being poisoned by neighbours.

With just a little upkeep you can prevent and control ants from becoming a major problem. And in case you are looking for more effective solutions to prevent an ant infestation in your home, we can definitely help you with our great service.

Ant control and Treatment Services in Brisbane

Inspection phase

We will visit your premises to perform an all-around inspection. This not only helps us identify various aspects of the ant infestation at your property but also includes identifying what species are present as well as how severe or mild the infestation is! We deeply dive further to find pheromone trails and ant colonies to further assess the damage which helps us to take preventive measures.

Treatment procedure

Upon final inspection, we will tailor the ant treatment plan and get rid of infestations and colonies. The plan will consist of varied treatment processes depending upon the ants, it will also include the time required to remove the colonies and overall infestation. We may also plan for the follow-up visits and can have special instructions for the house dwellers or premise owners.

Ant extermination process

Our ant pest control specialists will complete the ant extermination procedure at your property. Based on infestation and location, our treatments include fumigation with no-see -ms2 gas or organic bait compounds that are safe for humans but lethal to ants.

As our understanding deepens in relation to care of customers' needs; it becomes clearer how best can help them by providing high-quality pest management services so they don't need to worry about their home being invaded again! All products used have been tested thoroughly before approval which meets Australian standards.

Continuous prevention

Pests like ants can be pesky, but it's easy to keep them at bay with some general tips. For starters you should regularly clean and maintain your property (ensuring proper removal of garbage), seal any cracks around doors or windows where they may enter as well as other access points into buildings; store food in tight boxes/containers.(you could also place pesticide baits near their entryways). Mowing the lawn often will cut down on swarms too!

Same-day ant control in Brisbane to protect your home

We could tell you that ants are just a temporary issue and during the winter season they will disappear. However, we know that they will return if not dealt with properly.

You may find all sorts of ant treatment ranging from a spray can to some gel form, and also ant baits. From strong to a pet-friendly version, you will find all sorts of options at the grocery or hardware store near you.

All those DIY solutions are just temporary as well because they are not developed to deal with a specific breed. They are made to cover a wide range of breeds just superficially.

If you are really determined to get rid of those obnoxious ants permanently, then you should seek a competent ant pest control service in Brisbane.

Call us for professional ant treatment services to completely control the infestation on your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I get rid of ants permanently?

A: To get rid of ants permanently, eliminate their entry points, keep your home clean and free of food sources, and use natural deterrents or seek professional pest control services.

Q2: Why should I hire a professional ant control service?

A: Hiring a professional ant control service ensures effective and long-lasting results. Professionals can also offer customized solutions based on your specific situation, minimizing the risk of recurring ant problems.

Q3: Which types of ants do ant control services target?

A: Ant control services can effectively target various ant species, including common household ants like pavement ants, carpenter ants, odorous house ants, and pharaoh ants.

Q4: Are the treatments used for ant control safe for humans and pets?

A: Reputable ant control services prioritize the safety of humans and pets. They utilize approved products and treatments that are designed to be effective against ants while minimizing risks to people and animals.

Q5: How long does it take to get rid of an ant infestation with professional ant control?

A: The time required to eliminate an ant infestation can vary depending on factors such as the severity of the infestation, the ant species involved, and the treatment methods used.