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Affordable Rat Removal Services in Brisbane

Affordable Rat Removal

We offer rat control services in Brisbane meant to completely eradicate the infestation from your residential and commercial properties. Our team of experts use 100% eco-friendly products to safely remove the rats from your premises.

They are a source of life-threatening health issues which is why it is important to call professionals once you see rats wandering around your Brisbane property. The same-day service we offer allows our valued customers to receive rapid assistance to resolve their rat problems.

Our licensed technicians can locate and eradicate rats using advanced equipment that guarantees high-quality results. Through our 24/7 emergency services, we will reach your premises in an hour upon the confirmation of your booking.

Call True Pest Control today for excellent service at a reasonable price!

Emergency Rat Control Brisbane

Rats are nocturnal creatures hiding within the wall cracks of your premises. They make scurrying noises at night, hindering you from sleeping peacefully. You need responsive experts like us to eradicate rats to prevent them from causing more damage.

We provide an emergency rat pest control service in Brisbane at an economical price. Our Brisbane based specialists are always ready to address your concerns and provide rat removal in residential and commercial premises 24/7.

Once your appointment is confirmed, expect us to arrive at your property within an hour. Book us today for an affordable emergency rat removal service.

Emergency Rat Removal

Types of Rats

There are various types of rats that can be found in Brisbane. These mammals are basically living off by scavenging available food sources. Like humans, they will do anything to survive. They can eat a vast range of foods and have a short breeding cycle.

Here are some of the types of rats to watch out for in your Brisbane property:

Roof Rat (Black Rat)

Roof rats are commonly seen in residential premises. Unlike other rat species, such as the sewer rat, the roof rat does not dwell in drains and very seldom enter the house.

Roof rats typically search for food at night. Physically, they have large ears and slender bodies which makes them a successful mammal when it comes to going through small crevices around the property.

Spotting them is a clear indication of a possible infestation. Some evident signs of roof rat activity include gnawing marks, damaged furniture, broken electrical wiring, droppings, nests, or greasy rub marks. You may also notice shuffling sounds in the attic or walls that can disrupt a restful night of sleep.

Brown Rat (Norway Rat)

The brown rat is dark brown in colour and has a lifespan of 9-12 months. They are also called the "Norway rat." or "sewer rats", and are nocturnal by nature. Norway rats are most active during the night when they start searching for food.

Their brown fur is coarse with lighter grey or brown underparts. Brown rats are big that may weigh up to twice as much as black rats. This species, like other rats, may carry a variety of bacteria that can cause dangerous diseases.

They are characterised by a blunt nose, short ears, thick body, and often have grey fur. Because they live in sewage, they are good swimmers and diggers. They may also communicate with other rats through high-pitched vocalisation.

What Can You Do To Remove Rats?

Everyone wants a healthy and clean household. But to achieve this, you have to hire certified specialists who can inspect and eliminate the issue from your Brisbane premises.

Domestic and commercial property owners often observe rats in the kitchen or pantry even though their food supplies are stored away neatly. They can typically be seen feeding on animal feed, grains, nuts, and cereals.

They invite other pests to infest your property, making the situation much more complicated. Ignoring the consequences of having rats in your premises may not only lead to structural damage but also health problems such as rat-bite fever.

We provide rat control services that will address your problem. Our professional help for emergency services guarantees our timely arrival on your property. Call us right away to resolve the pest problem in your Brisbane property and we will be there within an hour.

Brisbane Rat Infestation Signs

It is important to be aware of the signs of a rat infestation so you can call professionals who can resolve the problem for you.

Here are some notable signs:

  • Squeaking or scratching sounds in the property
  • Mouse droppings in the kitchen where food is kept
  • Bitten edges on food packages

Grocery-bought traps are not enough to achieve long-term outcomes. We encourage you to call us immediately once you notice any of the signs indicated above so that we can address the problem promptly.

Our service is completely affordable, so no need to spend a lot of money to achieve a rat-free Brisbane property. Book us today for a reliable rat removal service!

Domestic Rat Control in Brisbane

An infestation is a common problem for all house owners in Brisbane. While you may opt for DIY treatment, this will only guarantee short-term results. You need long-lasting outcomes to protect your family from the hazardous health concerns caused by the rats.

Certified technicians like us will thoroughly inspect your property for any signs of a rat infestation.

Our pest control company offers domestic rats pest control services in Brisbane on the day you book an appointment.

Residential Rat Control Services

We meticulously check possible entry points such as the roof void without inflicting damage to your property. Using multiple doses of non-chemical treatment solutions, we guarantee you 100% protection against harmful side effects.

Our Rat Removal Procedure

Rat control is a serious job that should be carried out by licensed experts to ensure quality outcomes. Many Brisbane locals have testified of our effective control services against rats.

To meet satisfying results, we follow a step-by-step procedure that assures you of the complete removal of rats inside your premises.

Here is our detailed procedure:

Rat Inspection

Our team of professionals will start by inspecting your property for any signs of rat activity. These vermin prefer to hide nearby a food source such as kitchen drawers and pantries. They can also be found near other food sources such as garbage cans.

We will also inspect possible access points, broken electrical wires, damaged walls, electrical appliances, and rat droppings on concrete slabs. Our team will facilitate the pre-inspection using advanced tools that can detect rat activity efficiently.

The Customised Rat Removal Treatment

After the initial inspection, we will customise a rat removal plan suited to your property needs. Our rat removal involves the use of organic treatments to keep you and your loved ones safe from adverse effects.

Here are the following things that we will discuss with you before initiating our treatment plan:

  • Equipment and snap traps that will be used
  • Timeline of the procedure
  • Anticipated outcomes

Our specialists will set up lockable bait stations, chalk dust as tracking powder, and glue traps on the nearby food sources. Once rats find these bait stations, we will remove the traps and transfer the captured rats to a safe container.


To make sure that we have not overlooked any rats on your property, our technicians will conduct a post-inspection. After re-checking the previously infested areas, we will provide tips for preventative measures such as sealing all the food sources properly and keeping your premises tidy at all times to prevent a rat infestation from recurring.

Commercial Rat Removal Brisbane

Without regular inspections from experts, your business premise is subjected to hazardous infestations. It is difficult to facilitate rat removal alone especially if you have little to no knowledge on this matter. As an entrepreneur, you want to ensure that all your food items and office documents are safe from rats.

A rat can contaminate food and cause severe health issues. They can also damage electric cables in your facility that may start a fire and put everyone in danger. To prevent this from happening, avail of our commercial rat control service for your business.

Commercial Rat Removal Services

Our company offers commercial rat control services in Brisbane 24/7. Whether you have a dead rat or a massive infestation in your office, we can remove them for you on the day you book an appointment. Once you confirm your booking, our team will head to your business premises to resolve the problem.

We have licensed technicians who use effective bait systems, glue boards, and traps to capture the rats. Avail of our reasonably priced commercial rat removal today!

Same-Day Service for Rat Removal Brisbane

Same-Day Rat Treatment

A rat problem can get out of hand if not dealt with immediately. In addition, they can pester the nearby food source and reside in hidden areas such as roof voids and wall cavities, making it exhaustive to do a removal procedure alone.

Once you suspect rats infesting your Brisbane property, you need to call technicians who are responsive day and night to address your concerns.

With our same-day rat removal service, you can expect our punctual arrival after booking your appointment. Our technicians are well-equipped with the appropriate tools to effectively catch rats on your premises.

Call us today for an affordable same-day rat control service for your homes and offices in Brisbane.

Trusted Brisbane Rat Control Service Providers

We are one of the most reputable companies providing reliable rat pest control and removal in Brisbane. Our professionals have years of experience dealing with various types of rats such as roof rats, sewer rats, black rats, brown rats, Norway rats, and many more.

By following our detailed treatment plan, we can search through possible entry points and get rid of the rat dilemma by the end of your appointment. Our licensed specialists can set up a baiting system that is effective in capturing all the rats on your premises.

The same-day and emergency services we offer assures you of rapid protection against the infestation for your domestic and industrial properties. You can expect us to arrive within an hour after you confirm your booking.

Hire us today for reliable rat removal services in Brisbane at an affordable price!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why should I book rat control service?

A: Rats are rodents that carry several diseases such as Hantavirus, Leptospirosis and Plague. In addition, the rats can cause severe destruction to property structures and valuables. To prevent these problems, you should book professional rat control service.

Q2: What are natural repellents for rats?

A: Some things like mothballs, vinegar, peppermint oil, bleach, and ammonia could be used to keep rats away from a property.

Q3: How much do I have to pay for rat control treatment?

A: The price of our service is determined by several factors such as property size, damage caused by rats, intensity of rat infestation, etc. To get the quote, give us a call.

Q4: What are the popular rat control methods?

A: Professionals use baits, rodenticides, traps, and ultrasonic devices to control rats.

Q5: How long does it take for rat control treatment to show impact?

A: You should wait for at least 3 days to see the results. Rats hidden in different places might take some time to consume rodenticides.