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Professional flea removal service in Adelaide

We provide same-day flea control service in Adelaide for homes and commercial premises at a reasonable price. Our licensed professionals have years of experience handling modern equipment and environment-friendly methods that guarantee high-quality outcomes after the extermination procedure.

Flea problems can get out of hand without speedy service from specialists. The same-day and emergency services we offer guarantee rapid action in removing the male and female fleas from your premises. We will reach your property within an hour once you confirm your appointment.

Our vast years of experience made us one of the most trusted companies in the industry. Call True Pest Control now for professional and effective flea control services in Adelaide at a reasonable price.

What is a flea?

Fleas are parasites that live by consuming blood from their hosts - specifically from animals such as dogs and cats. These tiny bugs often hide in cats or dogs fur so they can feed on their host.

Your pets deserve a quality life. Unfortunately, many flea species have always been a culprit for so many dogs and cats getting ill through a flea bite.

These insect bites could transmit numerous diseases such as the bubonic plague virus and the Murine Typhus disease.

Pets, like people, cannot remain indoors forever. They need to go out to exercise - and the risks of having a flea infestation when interacting with other animals, and the environment in general, are always inevitable as these pests jump from one host to another.

The life cycle of a flea

There are four phases in the flea life cycle: egg, larva, pupa, and imago or adult. Flea eggs are laid by a female flea on their host. They are usually small, white, and oval in form. The larvae feed on organic material such as adult flea excrement, dead skin, hair, and feathers.

Flea pupae are the cocoon stage of the flea life cycle and account for 10% of the household flea population.

Adult fleas emerge from this pupal stage after about five to fourteen days or may stay in the cocoon until they detect vibration, tension, heat, movement, or carbon dioxide, all of which indicate the presence of a possible host and blood supply. Fleas species such as dog and cat fleas are the most common fleas to thrive.

Emergency flea removal Adelaide

A flea infestation can cause a wide range of health issues to both pets and humans. They can hide on your pet’s fur and cause immense discomfort. Searching for fleas can be time-consuming and difficult - and although they do not affect humans, we suggest that you leave the professional treatment to us and our team can guarantee impressive results.

We are a leading flea control expert that offers an economically-priced emergency flea control service in Adelaide. We have expert pest technicians who are ready 24/7 to conduct complete treatment against flea infestation in your homes and offices using advanced equipment and organic treatments.

Pet flea infestation

Pets are vulnerable to flea infestations. Dog fleas seem nearly identical to cat fleas but are much less prevalent. Dog flea larvae are off white in colour and may reach a length of 5mm. They prey on a diverse range of animals, most notably household dogs and cats.

Cat fleas, on the other hand, are much more common and have long thin legs that help them to transfer from one prey to another. It is common for pets to acquire and pick fleas by interacting with a stray animal. If your pets are constantly scratching their body, you should check for flea bites and have them checked at the veterinary clinic immediately.

Like other insect bites, possible reactions you may observe with your pets may involve difficulty in breathing, inflammation of the skin, itchiness, and even form pus bumps if not addressed promptly. You can identify flea bites by observing if your pet’s skin is inflamed and if they are scratching often.

Providing proper medical treatment for your pets to get rid of fleas can be helpful, but you also need efficient service from certified experts to professionally treat your homes against flea infestations.

Fleas are a common issue in Adelaide homes, particularly if you have cats or dogs. The easiest way to detect a flea infestation is by seeing your dog or cat scratching rigorously. Flea species are more present in households with cats, but they may also be a concern for new residents who move into previously infested houses or apartments.

Therefore, even though fleas do not bite humans, fleas pest control is necessary so they will not harm your pets as they carry contagious parasitic health problems such as tapeworm parasites that can transmit diseases.

What you can do to resolve this matter efficiently is to book our flea removal treatment today. We have same-day services that will address your flea concerns as soon as possible.

Industrial flea control in Adelaide

Fleas can also be found in Adelaide business premises. As an entrepreneur, you want to maintain a productive environment for your colleagues and provide professional service to customers. Therefore, immediate flea control Adelaide is important to keep your business premises free of fleas.

We provide commercial flea control in Adelaide at an economical price. Our years of experience have made us one of the pioneering companies providing rapid flea treatment for your business premises 24/7. Through our quick same-day service, you can expect our arrival within an hour upon the confirmation of your appointment.

Our comprehensive flea removal procedure

In our flea treatment, our technicians apply environment-friendly treatments to prevent any adverse effects. We follow a step-by-step procedure to exterminate the fleas from Adelaide properties.

Thorough inspection

We start by extensively checking your property for any signs of flea activity and flea droppings. Since common fleas love warm and humid places, our experts will search through pets bedding, nearby bushes, couches, flea-infested fur materials, carpets, and other possible infested areas.

We will use modern UV ray detector equipment that will help us in identifying the infestation area of these parasites.

Treatment plan

After the inspection, our specialists discuss what approach will be carried out to treat the flea infestation. We will create a specific strategy that will eradicate the fleas from your premises. Our treatments involve using flea bombs in case the infestation has gotten out of hand.

Before we begin the flea removal procedure, we will address the following points with you:

  • Tools and equipment to use to ensure complete flea removal
  • Non-chemical treatment will be applied to kill adult fleas and bugs alike
  • Duration of the flea treatment
  • Possible outcomes of the flea control services

We will then begin treating all the fleas on your premises right away. Rest assured that both cat fleas and dog fleas will be eliminated by the end of the procedure.

Final property inspection

Our team will conduct a final inspection to make sure the property is free from fleas. We will also provide safe and practical tips to ensure long-term protection against flea infestation for your homes and offices.

Residential flea control Adelaide

Fleas can impose health hazards on you and your family. These parasitic creatures feed on warm-blooded animals such as your household cats and dogs. While fleas do not bite humans, they can affect your peace of mind by irritating your pets.

Our professionals are ready 24/7 to provide same-day services for residential flea control treatment in Adelaide. You can expect our arrival within one hour upon the confirmation of your appointment. Whether it is a cat flea or dog flea, we will clear the infestation using technologically advanced tools and organic treatments.

Same-day flea control services Adelaide

Removing fleas can be difficult and time-consuming. Aside from their size, fleas can multiply quickly, making it difficult to eradicate the infestation alone. You need responsive experts who can deliver professional flea control service on the day of your booking.

We offer affordable same-day flea removal services in Adelaide for residential and industrial premises. Once your appointment is confirmed, expect our arrival at your property within one hour.

Our effective non-chemical treatment assures all our valued customers of efficient outcomes and that we will solve the pest problem by the end of the procedure.

Amazing flea control Adelaide

We have years of experience providing effective flea removal and treatment in Adelaide at an economical price. Our team guarantees the total eradication of fleas using our cutting-edge technology, ensuring a safe environment for everyone on domestic and industrial properties.

Through our emergency and same-day services, you will not have to worry about waiting for days for effective flea removal. We deliver respective flea control on the day that you book an appointment with us. Our team of specialists will reach your premises within one hour after confirming your schedule. We will customise an effective solution plan that will target the level of flea infestation you have on your property.

Experience our excellent service and quick pest control for flea treatment on the day of your booking. We are open 24/7 to address your concerns. Call us now for a free quote!