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Effective Melbourne moth removal treatment

We are a team of licensed experts who can deliver remarkable results for moth control services in Melbourne for domestic and industrial properties. Our emergency moth removal services will address your concerns immediately on the day you set an appointment with us. You can expect us to arrive at your premises within an hour.

Eliminating a moth infestation can be tricky to manage alone especially if you do not have the appropriate equipment to carry out the comprehensive treatment. Luckily, we manage our moth control procedures using modernised equipment and eco-friendly spray treatments that are 100% effective and safe to use.

You can rely on our professional service as we have years of experience dealing with a wide range of moth infestations in Melbourne. Call True Pest Control for effective and affordable moth control services today.

Domestic moth control Melbourne

While moths are usually considered harmless to humans, they can wreak havoc on clothing and other household goods. One of the evident signs of moths on your premises is damaged clothes. Moths tend to feed on fabrics. They are most destructive during their larvae stage and enter the home through leaf surfaces or clothing that you might wear.

The caterpillar stage of the moth is particularly dangerous to people who have an allergic reaction since moths may induce asthma attacks. You need certified specialists who can address the moth infestation in your homes immediately.

We offer affordable residential moth control service in Melbourne. Our same-day service guarantees our on-time arrival to eradicate the moth infestation using eco-friendly solutions and advanced tools. You will also receive helpful tips from our experts to prevent re-infestation.

Get your free quote today and book us for an efficient service for residential moth control in Melbourne.

Different types of moth species

Moths are a common sight everywhere - may it be your home or your workplace in Melbourne. They look harmless, however, they can damage clothes, stored food, carpets, and other household items.

In fact, adult moth larvae feed on the fibres of clothing materials. You can check for moths in the darker and concealed parts of your home. One thing about moths is that they cannot survive in low temperatures. They need a high-temperature environment to thrive and lay their eggs.

Moth species come in different forms. Here are some of the moth species that you might encounter in your Melbourne property:

Brown house moths

Brown house moths eat grains, seeds, flours, and starches. They have a brown head and thrive well in high temperatures. Pantry items attract the moth species causing them to contaminate food containers.

They begin laying eggs on a wide range of processed foods once they have settled on their breeding ground.

Mediterranean flour moth

The Mediterranean flour moth prefers to feed on flour and grain.

They are often found in warm areas with grain products stored, such as bakeries where they may reproduce all year round. The larval stage is when they cause severe problems to humans as they infest grains and starches that are meant for human consumption.

Pantry moth

Pantry moths lay their eggs on food. Finding adult moths may indicate that you have an infestation on your property as it is easy for them to hide and avoid predators. Since their larvae can eat through plastic bags and flimsy cardboard, they can still infest sealed goods.

These small moths can come through your doors, vents, windows, and other entry points around your premises.

Case-making clothes moth

These moths are generally 7–8 mm in length when folded and have a wingspan of 10-15 mm.

They are frequently discovered on animal products, like dark settings, and are commonly found in closets, clothing chests, linen baskets, and beneath mattresses.

Luna moth

The Luna moth is known to be the most beautiful species of moths. Luna moths are most active at night, although sightings during the day are not rare.

They like wooded environments, most often temperate woods, although they may be drawn to well-lit zones in the evening.

White moth

White moths are capable of ruining your crops and should be eradicated promptly.

Additionally, these adult moths are drawn to strongly fragrant flowers particularly those that bloom late in the afternoon or nighttime.

Emergency moth control Melbourne

Most moths are non-toxic and incapable of posing significant health risks. However, certain moths have evolved to have sharp spines that may irritate human skin. Moth stings may cause skin irritation and itching, which can lead to serious illnesses when left untreated. It is important to contact qualified experts to exterminate the moth infestation promptly.

With our emergency moth control services in Melbourne, we guarantee punctual service that will address your concerns right away. Our team can come up with a suitable treatment plan based on the severity of the infestation you have in your homes or businesses.

We aim to deliver rapid assistance on the day of your appointment to prevent the worsening of the infestation on your premises. You can expect us to reach your area within one hour upon the confirmation of your appointment.

Signs of a moth infestation

Knowing the signs of a moth infestation can be helpful to act on it immediately. Here are the signs you might want to look out for:

  • Holes and patches on the clothes
  • Massive damage on leather and feather-clothing material
  • Moths flying in and out of your property
  • Webbings that look like cocoons in your wardrobe
  • Damage on carpet fibres

The best approach to resolve this issue is to call our moth control company in Melbourne. Similar to other companies, we provide affordable same-day moth control services that are guaranteed to solve the problem for you right away.

Commercial moth control Melbourne

Moth pests will always find dark spots to breed. They are notorious for destroying clothing, blankets, leather bags, and carpets. When moths lay eggs, they are often spotted on delicate garments and food items.

To keep your business moth-free, the best course of action is to hire experts like us.

Our moth control company is one of the pioneering companies providing commercial moth control service in Melbourne at an economical price. We have competent experts who can conduct a thorough treatment plan to get rid of the infestation immediately.

A healthy and moth-free environment is important to keep productivity going which is why we only utilise the safest organic treatments and advanced equipment to eliminate moths from your business premises.

Call us now and get your free quote for emergency commercial moth control services in Melbourne today.

Detailed moth treatment procedure

Our moth removal procedure involves three stages to achieve the desired outcomes needed. We can eliminate the moth infestation from your premises safely using the latest equipment and eco-friendly solutions.

To understand how we conduct our procedure, here is an outline of our moth treatment procedure:

Initial inspection

Our professionals begin by doing a comprehensive inspection of your property, looking for any signs of a moth infestation in kitchen cupboards, affected clothing, dry food items, and other stored foods.

We aim to identify both the degree and root cause of the issue to ensure that the removal procedure will be successful.

Moth extermination procedure

After inspecting your premises, our team will now start developing a tailored extermination procedure to eradicate the moth infestation.

Before the moth removal treatment, we will explain the duration of the process, the equipment and treatments that will be utilised, the technique for moth removal, and the expected outcomes.

Once everything is cleared, our team will now begin exterminating the moths on your premises. We use organically formulated treatments that can eradicate moth eggs and larvae hidden on small crevices of the property.

Post-inspection and ongoing prevention steps

Finally, our team will facilitate a post-inspection to ensure that we have not missed any moths or larvae in your vicinity. To secure the expected results, we will provide you with prevention tips. Preventing a moth infestation from recurring is important to protect your loved ones from its adverse impacts.

Since moths may come back after some time, we will facilitate a follow-up visit to reinspect the site.

How to prevent a moth infestation

Prevention is better than cure, as they say. That is why making the necessary precautionary steps to ensure that this will not be a problem you will be facing is important. Here are some tips that will help you in preventing an infestation:

  • Secure your food items on airtight containers to protect them against the pantry moths
  • Clean your food containers every after use
  • Dispose of the damaged food caused by the moths
  • Occasionally check your wardrobe for any visible irregular holes on your clothing

Same-day moth control Melbourne

A moth infestation is probably one of the unnoticeable problems that you could be facing on your property. While they do not directly harm humans, they can contaminate your food supplies and damage your valuables. Moths are more destructive during their larval stage, so having professionals exterminate them right away is something we highly recommended.

We offer same-day moth control services in Melbourne that guarantees our punctual arrival at your home or business. You can expect us to arrive within one hour upon the confirmation of your appointment. Our skilled technicians are consistent in delivering excellent service to ensure your safety against a moth infestation.

Professional moth control Melbourne

With our years of industry experience, we are credible in providing moth control service in Melbourne. Our company hires professional moth control specialists to provide emergency assistance to our valued clients.

We take immediate actions to eradicate the moth infestation on the same day as your booking. Once your appointment is confirmed, our team guarantees to reach your Melbourne property within an hour to examine and treat the source of the problem.

To keep you safe throughout the procedure, we utilise eco-safe treatments that do not contain any toxic chemicals that could harm you and your loved ones.

Get an obligation-free quote now for same-day services at an affordable rate!