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Professional mouse removal in Perth

We provide professional mice removal services in Perth for residential and commercial properties. Our technicians are highly trained to handle minor and severe mouse infestations using technologically advanced equipment and nature-friendly solutions.

You can expect us to visit your property an hour after your booking is confirmed. The same-day services we provide is meant to address your concerns and clear out the mice infestation from your premises.

With our professional help, you do not have to worry about the infestation on your property any longer.

We can facilitate a thorough inspection and formulate a suitable eradication plan to get rid of the mice in no time while ensuring your safety throughout the procedure. Call us now for an affordable service for mice removal in Perth!

Emergency mice removal Perth

Mice infestation is rampant in both domestic and commercial premises. Their presence does not only impose structural problems but they have been linked to various health problems as well.

Once you see a mouse wandering around your property, call professionals who are ready 24/7 to eradicate the infestation from your vicinity.

True Pest Control offer an emergency mouse removal service in Perth at an affordable price. Our team takes urgent actions to address the mouse infestations and remove them on the day of your booking. After you confirm the scheduled appointment, we will arrive at your premises within an hour and initiate our comprehensive mouse inspection and removal procedures.

Risk of a mouse infestation in Perth

A bunch of mice running around will never be a pleasant sight when you want a safe and healthy environment for your Perth home or office.

A life span of a mouse is about 9-18 months and has a short breeding cycle. They typically have grey fur or brown fur and have a blunt nose. They always live in close proximity to humans. Because of their small size, ability to run quick, they are a very successful mammal in thriving in almost all kinds of environments.

During this time, they can be seen often in homes as they scavenge for food. They will end up running around your kitchen and possibly transmitting bacteria to your food supplies which can lead to having an upset stomach when your food is contaminated. It can also result in a variety of diseases such as Lyme disease since mice are carriers of ticks that cause the illness.

They hide in soil banks, wood piles, along walls, on garbage bins, and beneath concrete slabs. They are commonly near food and water sources. Other obvious indications of an infestation include spoiled food in the kitchen or mouse droppings on the floor.

They seek a food source indoors during the winter months, often infiltrating houses through tiny gaps and fissures. However, the main issue is that once inside, they may transmit illness and cause significant property damage.

Their droppings carry germs and can compromise food supplies - leading to allergic reactions in some people. When the feces gets dry, it poses a danger to people who inhale it. Additionally, mouse excrements may transmit illnesses and viruses that are fatal enough to cause death.

Once you need assistance dealing with mice on your Perth property, call us and you can count on our team of qualified technicians to conduct the much-needed services immediately.

Industrial mice control Perth

Your businesses are never safe against mouse infestations. They can make your commercial property their breeding ground without you noticing it at first. You will be surprised to see bite marks on sealed boxes, damaged electrical wires, and droppings on food items.

As a business owner, the safety of your employers and customers always comes first. Dealing with the infestation alone may worsen the condition and expose you to hazardous health problems.

What you can do is to call professionals who can eradicate the mouse infestations from your business premises. Our method for mouse control can quickly restore a mice-free business for you.

We provide an affordable industrial mouse removal service in Perth. Through our professional help, you will experience effective service as we use nature-friendly solutions and modern tools.

Our team will extensively inspect possible infestation sites, food sources, and determine the severity of the infestation. Through this, we will come up with a combination of suitable treatments such as bait systems and glue boards to rid your commercial property of mice.

Signs of a mouse infestation

Your house or company may be an excellent place for a mouse to find food, water, and shelter. Mouse infestations are one of the most common problems faced by property owners in Perth each year. Having a mouse enter your house or workplace may create a great deal of discomfort, needless hassles, and periodic clean-ups.

Once they get inside your home, they will try to remain hidden as much as possible - which will make it harder to detect then. Knowing the signs that you should look out for will save you lots of time to determine if an infestation is happening on your property.

It is critical to identify signs of the infestation immediately, since a mouse may do significant damage in a short period of time. Here are a few telltale signs that we have listed so you can observe if this is a concern you are dealing with.

Small holes and tears in your belongings

Once you discover unusual holes, rips, or indications of chewing in bedding, clothes, carpeting, textiles, or other items, mice are most certainly present on the property.

Mice create nests from shredded materials, which are often hidden in dark corners, closets, cupboards, or drawers, or under refrigerators and other big rarely moved furniture and appliances.

They often create tiny holes in the bottoms of drawers, cupboards, and furniture, which they then cover with shredded debris.

Strange scratching sounds at night

Listen carefully for sounds coming from behind partition walls, under floors, in ceilings, basements, and attics. Mice are exceptional climbers and can squeeze through holes smaller than their bodies.

Since they are usually nocturnal, you will likely only hear them at night as they are more active during that time.

Gnaw marks on furniture and wirings

Mice have constantly growing teeth, which means they chew on inedible objects such as wood, plastic, wires, and electrical cables to break them down.

Mouse infestations can cause a fire due to their ability to gnaw through insulation wires, resulting in power outages, and equipment failure.

Gnaw marks are one of the evident signs of infestation, so do not hesitate to call experts to manage the infestation for you immediately.

Chew marks on food packages

A mouse typically enjoys meals with high-fat content, such as bacon, cheese, butter, and animal feed.

They will visit and contaminate food sources up to 30 times each day, such as a pantry or a closet. Unusual holes or rips in packaging are indicators that your pantry has been raided by these animals.


Mouse droppings are found in places where these creatures are most active. These droppings are cylindrical in form and dark in colour. Mouse excrement resembles tiny rice grains and is often confused with cockroach feces.

Always use protective gloves and, in highly infected regions, a respirator while disposing of mouse feces. Avoid sweeping or vacuuming the droppings - throwing them may cause germs and virus particles to be released.

Residential mice control Perth

A bunch of house mouse is a common problem in residential premises in Perth. They may quickly infiltrate your home before you even notice it. Mice are a hazard that is often hard to notice.

Once you happen to see a mouse in your house, it will most likely appear as a fast-moving fuzzy blur. These animals are tiny and quick which means they may escape through wall cracks, and gaps.

While house mice are generally harmless, they may carry and transmit illnesses. Therefore, secure your family home by contacting professionals who can conduct a complete mouse removal service for your household.

Our residential mouse removal service in Perth is available at any time of the day. We provide rapid services that will address your concerns while adhering to necessary safety measures to keep you protected throughout the procedure.

To eradicate the house mouse safely, we only use multiple doses of non-chemical treatments that are safe to use.

Our elaborate procedure for mouse removal

We can conduct a comprehensive procedure to eliminate the mouse problem on your premises. Backed by our years of experience, you can count on us to resolve mouse infestations in no time as we use cutting-edge tools and effective treatments throughout our procedures.

Here is our step-by-step method for mouse removal:

Property inspection

Our experts will inspect the property to determine the degree of the infestation. First, we will look at the roof void, sub floors, wall cavities, small crevices, which are possible hideouts for mice. Next, our team will identify the mouse species, the extent of the damage, and possible entry points. Additionally, our assessment will identify the causes that contributed to the infestation in your home.

Mouse removal plan

Our pest experts will develop a tailored mouse control strategy based on the inspection results. The treatment plan will include the removal method, the timeframe of the treatment, the anticipated outcome, and further instructions to keep you safe throughout the procedure.

We will finish the mouse removal procedure according to the specifications of the plan. Our team will apply a non-chemical treatment that is 100% organic and safe to use.

Depending on the severity of the infestation, we may use a combination of tracking powders, glue traps, chalk dust, snap traps and bait stations. Our bait stations will not harm non-target animals, which will reduce the chances of secondary poisoning. Rest assured that we can secure your safety throughout the treatment as we value the health of your family, environment, and pets.

Final inspection

Before we conclude the mouse removal procedure, our team will conduct a post-inspection to make sure that the infestation has been cleared completely. We will also provide preventative measures to reduce the chance of getting another infestation in the future.

Why hire experts for mouse removal?

Mice are often depicted in cartoons as charming animals that live in small, well-decorated houses inside your walls.

However, when you have a mouse in your home, the term "charming" is one of the last things you want to use to describe them. Apart from being detrimental vermin and prolific breeders, mice are carriers of disease-causing pathogens. Humans and animals alike may be harmed through direct and indirect contact with rats, including their excrement and urine.

It can be tempting to opt for grocery-bought treatments in an attempt to remove the mice from your premises. While this might help for some time, it will never guarantee you long-term benefits.

It may be very difficult for the regular homeowner to determine if they are experiencing an infestation. The best option at this point is to take all necessary measures to avoid dealing with a severe infestation and call professionals to step in.

Letting professionals perform an exhaustive inspection, chemical treatment, and effective control is important to remove the mouse completely.

Same-day mouse removal in Perth

There is nothing more important than keeping your homes and businesses free from mouse infestations. These creatures can damage your personal belongings, chew off electric cables, and ruin your electrical appliances causing a massive cash loss on your end.

A mouse is difficult to locate as they thrive in hidden areas which may require advanced equipment to inspect the infestation sites and entry points completely.

Our company is one of the leading providers of same-day mice pest control in Perth for residential and commercial properties. All our technicians are trained to provide quality same-day services for all our clients. After confirming your booking, expect us to reach your vicinity within one hour.

You can contact us any time for emergency and same-day services. We are open 24/7 to address your concerns right away.

Certified mice eradication in Perth

Our mouse control experts can facilitate a vast range of mouse extermination procedures in Perth meant to eradicate mice from your home or commercial area. We are equipped with advanced tools that are efficient in inspecting roof voids, cracks and crevices, and other possible entry points of these animals.

Mice commonly reside in areas near their food source such as kitchens. We can set up bait stations on the infestation sites to lure them in and catch them right after.

Our team is available 24/7 should you need rapid support for same-day services to get rid of a mice infestation. We will arrive at your property in an hour upon the confirmation of your appointment.

Contact us for affordable service for mouse control in Perth for your residences and businesses today!