How To Keep Bees Away From Your Home In 5 Easy Steps

Although bees are vital to the local fauna, you don’t want them to constantly buzz around your home. It’s crucial for the pest control Melbourne team to try humane treatments to fend them off. Try employing deterrents to get the insects to move elsewhere if you notice swarms of these bugs lingering in various places in your yard.

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Here we have shared a few tips to keep these natural saviours at bay in the simplest way possible:

Find Out Where They Nest

Bees like to nest in dark, enclosed spaces, such as hollow trees, sheds, caves, abandoned buildings, and even under decks. To find them, look for nests near flowers and shrubs. Once you have spotted one, carefully inspect the area for holes and cracks where bees may enter. If you do spot any openings, seal them up immediately.

Remove Their Food Source

Next, remove any nearby flowering plants, fruits, or vegetables. These are what bees eat, and if they aren’t around, then the hive won’t need to keep feeding. Get rid of any brush or leaf piles that are in your yard. Smells are essential to the survival of bees. Some fragrances will draw them in, while others will put them off. The most repellent scents to bees include eucalyptus, thyme, spearmint, and peppermint. Experts at bees control Bendigo suggest making a solution with a lot of the essential oils made from these herbs.

Don’t Allow Access

Make sure there are no entrances left open for bees to get back into the hive. Seal up any gaps you find and block off any entrances completely. Use caulking to fill any holes and gaps you might find along the way.

Get Rid Of Any Yard Equipment That Has Been Abandoned

Bring any significant pieces of trash, such as old appliances, directly to the dumpster. You will be denying bees access to their valuable property, but it will be a little less handy for you. Take the object to a junkyard as soon as you decide to get rid of a big, roomy item as it can be a prospective bee hive. A bee’s nest can fit within any large, vacant object, such as a piece of furniture. Also take away any old wood pallets, boards, or similar materials that could serve as nesting material.

Get Rid Of Any Brush Or Leaf Piles That Are In Your Yard

Make a circuit of your yard looking for a build-up of leaves, branches, or other trash. Use a rake and several garbage bags to clear the unnecessary junk from your yard if you notice these items accumulating. Compost any outdated leaves and dispose of the remaining natural waste. If there is a forest close to your home, you might want to consider relocating the dead branches and leaves there. Remove all debris, including sticks, weeds, and fallen branches. Also, check that the window screens are intact.

Wrap Up

Being one of the most valuable insects for humans and the environment, bees are the best pollinators. Having said that, if you see a nest inside your home, you shouldn’t automatically think of killing the bees, advice Melbourne pest control services.

The best option is contacting True Pest Control since their experts can manage bees safely and provide you with the best long-term solutions.

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