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Professional tick control services in Melbourne

We are one of the most trusted companies that provide effective tick removal services in Melbourne at an affordable cost. Our tick control company employs licensed technicians who can facilitate an appropriate removal process for your residential and commercial premises.

Ticks spread dangerous diseases that require immediate eradication services to protect pet owners and their pets. The affordable emergency tick extermination service we offer guarantees our punctual arrival once you have confirmed your appointment. We conduct a step-by-step procedure that includes the use of non-toxic treatments to thoroughly remove all the ticks from your premises.

All our non-chemical methods are organically formulated to ensure no negative side effects. Avail of our effective tick control service and get your free quote today!

What is a tick?

Ticks are known to harm pets and pet owners alike as they feed on human and animal blood. These parasites can cause various tick-borne diseases to both pets and humans through their blood-sucking habits.

Fleas also need a blood meal to survive just like ticks. You may also find flea eggs on your carpet, pet bedding, couch, and even on your pet fur.

Their life cycle is essentially persistent in vegetative areas. These areas provide a male and female tick with adequate coverage so they can jump onto pets and humans with their eight legs. Ticks have four stages in their life-cycle that can even take a year to complete.

Ticks differ in their physical appearance based on the species of ticks. There are several physical and biological distinctions between hard ticks and soft ticks.

A hard tick has a "plate" on its back called a scutum. Additionally, hard ticks have obvious mouths when seen from above. Soft ticks have a wrinkled appearance. Seeing a soft tick from above gives the appearance that they have missing mouthparts.

While only a few species can directly harm humans and pets, understanding their impact and how they can affect a living being may save a life.

It is best to contact a tick control company once you notice ticks on your residential or commercial premises.

Tick-borne diseases

There are various tick-borne diseases that are fatal for both humans and animals. Here are a few diseases that people and animals can get from ticks:

  • Lyme disease
  • Australian tick typhus
  • Flinders Island spotted fever
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Q fever

To avoid any of the diseases above, it is best to have your property inspected by professional tick removal technicians. Call us to set a same-day appointment at your most convenient time.

Effects of tick bites

Most people get tick bites after being exposed to outdoor areas during summer. Tick and flea bites are often harmless, with no visible symptoms. However, in some cases, a tick bite may induce an allergic reaction and transmit illness when they bite people and pets.

These creatures are small with their visible eight legs - but the damage they can cause may be harmful, if not fatal.

Brown dog tick and paralysis ticks are amongst the primary causes of death of both cats, dogs, and other pets. Ticks lay hundreds and thousands of eggs making it difficult to control their outbreak.

As soon as you notice these, take your beloved pets to the vet. Tick paralysis is a dangerous and almost always fatal illness that needs immediate care. These diseases can result in blood loss for your pets.

On infected dogs, early indicators of paralysis tick include altered or absence of voice, lack of coordination in the back legs, altered breathing rate and effort, coughing, vomiting, and dilated pupils.

Same-day tick control services in Melbourne

Ticks are considered to be one of the worst problems to have on your premises. Experts like us act fast to resolve an infestation as we understand how these external parasites can cause troubles for you - especially if you are a pet owner.

Our company provides affordable same-day tick treatment in Melbourne for domestic and industrial properties. Your safety is our priority, which is why we use eco-friendly spray solutions and wear protective clothing to eradicate fleas and ticks safely.

Upon the confirmation of your appointment, expect us to reach your premises in an hour. All our technicians are ready 24/7 to address your tick problem and provide tick treatment services at a reasonable price.

Our step-by-step tick control treatment

Initial property inspections

Our expert team will start by inspecting your property to track down the tick infestation. Using cutting-edge tools and devices, we can completely locate the fleas and ticks even if they are hiding on far-reaching sites on your premises.

The pre-inspections will help us determine what suitable solutions will be executed to get rid of these parasites completely.

Customised tick extermination plan

We will customise an eradication plan that will resolve your tick infestation. Before initiating the removal process, our team will first discuss with you the following:

  • The timeline of the tick removal process
  • Treatments to use such as the application of diatomaceous earth to exterminate the parasite
  • Safe space where they can stay to prevent any exposure to the tick and flea pestilence
  • Probable outcomes


The post-inspections aim to ensure that we have not missed any ticks on the property. Before leaving, our professionals will discuss some helpful tips to avoid having another tick and flea problem in the future.

Residential tick control and removal Melbourne

Your home is a place of peace and quality time with your family and your pets. These external parasites feed on the blood of your pets causing health issues that may lead to death.

Fortunately, professionals like us can comprehensively check and treat flea and tick infestation on the same day you book an appointment.

We offer reliable residential tick control services in Melbourne at an economical price. Our technicians are skilled in using modern equipment and eco-friendly treatments that can effectively eradicate the ticks from your household.

Call True Pest Control any time for our same-day and emergency service. We can reach your Melbourne homes in one hour after you confirm your appointment!

Commercial tick removal services in Melbourne

Your office can also be a breeding ground for tick infestation. Ticks are small in size making it difficult for unequipped individuals to locate the tick infestation area. Spending outdoors during summertime may expose you and your workers to a severe infestation.

Hire our certified team of experts for a complete flea and tick treatment for your business properties. 

We are amongst the trusted companies offering commercial tick removal services in Melbourne. After booking an appointment, expect our team to reach your business premises in an hour.

We have skilled specialists who can eradicate many species of ticks - may it be adult ticks, adult fleas, female ticks, and more!

Emergency tick control Melbourne

A tick and flea infestation needs to be exterminated immediately. With that, we provide emergency tick control measures in Melbourne to your homes and offices at an affordable price.

Our team is trained to address your dog flea and tick concerns promptly. Once you have scheduled an appointment, expect us to be at your place in an hour. We offer our emergency services all day and night to ensure you are protected against ticks. Book us now for a free quote!

Why hire our professionals for tick control Melbourne?

  • Licensed and educated staff for tick eradication
  • Uses non-toxic chemical methods to guarantee the safety of our valued clients
  • Utilises advanced technological equipment to easily locate the infestation site
  • We are ready 24/7 and even work on holidays to address your cat flea and tick issue
  • Free quote with no hidden charges