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We offer reliable rodent control services in Brisbane fit for residential and commercial properties. Our licensed exterminators are trained in handling any level of rodent infestation. We utilise cutting-edge tools to locate the rodents and manage them with eco-safe solutions.

Rodents are a common problem for Brisbane homes and businesses - that is why the same-day services we offer guarantees our timely arrival after you schedule an appointment.

You can book our service any time as we are open 24/7. Get your free quote today for an effective rodent removal service in Brisbane!

Signs of a Rodent Infestation

Rodents are smart creatures with a blunt nose and large ears. They are often seen with brown fur or grey fur. They have a short breeding cycle which makes them a very successful mammal in reproducing incessantly.

They come out at night when your premises are all clear from the presence of humans. Once they get access to your property and build nests, you will notice a few signs of rodent activity.

Rodents are good at locating a food source that can include water and animal feed. Due to their size, rodents can fit through openings as small as a coin, which means that these creatures looking for a place to call home may easily find their way into yours.

As the weather becomes cooler, we make every effort to remain as warm and comfortable as possible. Just like humans, rodents depend completely on a shelter to stay warm. 

While unexpected interactions with rodents are never pleasant, discovering a tiny rodent in the middle of the night may seem like a minor inconvenience. Unfortunately, rodents may spread disease and represent a significant health danger to people.

Having rodents in your house puts you and your family at risk of getting many very severe illnesses. If you are concerned about rodent problems in your home, take a look at some of the common signs of an infestation.


One of the most obvious indications of rodent infestations in the property is the presence of rodent droppings on the premises which include the indoor and outdoor area.

They leave dark brown, rice-shaped droppings with pointed ends at the backs of cutlery drawers, wood piles, concrete slabs, roof void, cabinets, behind electrical appliances, wall cavities, and even food items. 

These droppings will be in dark brown or black colour if they are newly left out, and will be firm and grey if they are old.

Rodent Tracks

If your shelving is dusty or if a coating of flour dust has formed on them, you may be able to identify a rodent infestation by the small footprints they leave behind. If you suspect rodent activity in a particular location, sprinkle a thin coating of flour or baby powder on the floor and check for tracks.

Small rodent tracks are another clear indicator of an infestation. Look for them up high, where dust accumulates readily and possible tiny footprints are visible.

Noise at Night

Rodents are nocturnal. If you are laying in bed and hear the squeak of little feet above or hearing high pitched vocalisation coming from your walls, then you have a problem.

If you push your ear against the wall, you may hear scratching, skittering, and chewing sounds emanating from inside. You may often hear rodent activity on the ceiling, attics, and wallings.

Bite Marks

Rodents are smart in pestering food sources. You may discover gnaw marks on containers or original packaging - this is a sure sign that you have unwelcomed rodents.

Other rodents may sometimes chew tiny holes on thin walls or other materials to establish new entrance points and routes.

Foul Odour

If a rodent passes inside a property, the odour will be pungent. Locating the dead rodent can be tricky which is why we highly recommend that you contact a qualified expert to locate and remove the deceased rodent.

Same-Day Rodent Control Brisbane

Rodent infestations are commonly recognised through their droppings, tiny gnawing marks, grease stains, and noises made by such mammals at night. The damage caused by rodents is irreversible and sometimes life-threatening. Their gnawing activity may destroy electrical wiring that may lead to fire outbreaks.

We recommend you hire technicians to resolve the infestation efficiently.

True Pest Control company provides same-day rodent control services in Brisbane for residential and commercial properties.

Same-Day Rodent Control Service

We take immediate actions to efficiently treat rodents while keeping you safe throughout the procedure. Do not take the rodent infestation lightly and let our responsive experts do the comprehensive work for you.

Once you have scheduled an appointment, expect us to reach your premises within an hour. Contact our experts today!

Residential Rodent Removal Services in Brisbane

Residential Rodent Removal Treatment

House rodents exist in large numbers. While you may be able to eradicate a few of them, fully eliminating the rodents from your homes may be challenging. They like to nest in walls or other far-reaching areas and wall cavities around the house.

What is worse is if you are dealing with a dead rodent. The foul odour may permeate inside your premises and can be inhaled by your family members.

Our team is licensed to conduct a residential rodent control service in Brisbane. Through the use of non-chemical treatment, we offer safe solutions to eradicate rodent infestation.

Our organic spray treatments help in effectively removing the rodents while keeping you and your family safe from harmful side effects.

With our professional help, you do not have to worry about the recurrence of the rodent infestation as we will provide you with useful tips to maintain a rodent-free environment.

Dangers of a Rodent Infestation

A rodent infestation may manifest itself in a variety of ways. When you climb up into your attic, you may be met with the pungent, foul-smelling odour of rodent urine.

You may discover that when you open a drawer in your kitchen, it is clogged with rat droppings. While shifting boxes about, you may notice a cushioned nest in the corner of the storeroom above your garage.

You may even encounter a mouse scurrying on your kitchen floor and disappearing under your refrigerator. Tolerating such activity could lead to various ailments that you could suffer from.


Since rodents live in close proximity to humans, this virus is mostly transmitted to people through infected feces. Humans may acquire this illness by touching contaminated rodents, whether living or dead.

Salmonella may induce nausea and vomiting in individuals and can ultimately result in arthritis. Rodent infestations contaminate the house with large amounts of feces, making it faster for people to acquire this disease.

Fire hazards

If illnesses were not terrible enough, there is also the danger of home fires!

These obnoxious creatures are always on the watch for predators and move around as quietly as possible. They would rather crawl through the walls than dart across the floor in full view.

Apart from everything already mentioned, the issue with this is that electric cables and electrical wires become vulnerable to these pests. Rodent teeth are constantly developing and need continuous chewing to maintain the length of the incisors which can cause broken wires to spark and cause a fire.


Leptospirosis, often known as field fever, is an illness caused by a corkscrew-shaped bacterium called Leptospira that is frequently transmitted by a variety of wild animals but is most prominent in rats.

Leptospirosis may result in renal failure, lung hemorrhage, and death if left untreated.

Our Rodent Control Procedure

Conducting rodent control requires a comprehensive strategy in order to meet the desired outcomes. It is important to create a customised approach as infestation varies from case to case. The goal of our rodent removal process is to keep your premises rodent-free permanently.

Rodent Inspection

Our certified Brisbane based experts will perform a thorough inspection of your property. We will look into the area of infestation first and search for other possible hideouts and entry points of the rodents. Roof voids, small crevices, and other hidden areas will be investigated with the use of industrialised rodent detector equipment.

We will identify the root cause and the severity of the infestation.

Extermination And Treatment Method

Our team will customise a rodent extermination plan based on the property inspection. After brainstorming a strategy, we will discuss how we are going to eradicate the rodents, the duration of the procedure, what equipment will be used, and the expected outcome of the procedure.

We will carefully facilitate the rodent removal procedure. Depending on the level of severity, our team may use a combination of any of the following:

  • Rodent baits and bait systems
  • Glue traps
  • Snap traps
  • Lockable bait stations
  • Glue boards
  • Tracking powders

We will use multiple doses of these treatments that are 100% organically formulated to keep you protected against negative side effects.

Final Property Inspection

Preventative measures are important to keep your property protected against the recurrence of the rodent problem. After we re-inspect your property and ensure that there are no rodents left, we will provide you with helpful advice to keep your premises rodent-free.

Emergency Rodent Control in Brisbane

Many rodents cause severe health issues such as leptospirosis, salmonella, rat-bite fever, and more. They can even attract other pests to infiltrate your property when you fail to address the infestation immediately.

Our Brisbane experts are trained to respond fast and provide emergency rodent pest control service in Brisbane for residential and commercial properties. We ensure that our specialists can treat the situation with extreme care to ensure the secure removal of these rodents from your premises.

Emergency Rodent Removal Services

Once your booking is confirmed, we will send our team to your property within an hour and perform a thorough inspection to pinpoint the origin of the infestation. You can leave the case to us and depend on us to meet 100% satisfactory outcomes for you!

Commercial Rodent Control And Solutions in Brisbane

Commercial Rodent Removal

Business premises can also be a breeding ground for rodents. They can thrive on roof voids and pester your food source. Rodents contaminate food products and other items with their excrement, urine, and foul odour.

Their contamination may cause food poisoning and other serious health problems to your employees and customers. They are filthy and repulsive creatures that must be eradicated immediately.

A routinary and effective control against rodents is important to protect your business image and preventing goods from being destroyed by an infestation.

If your business premise is prone to having rodent infestations, get in touch with experts who can provide you with comprehensive rodent removal. We provide professional help for commercial rodent pest control in Brisbane at an affordable price. Through the use of cutting-edge tools, we can search out-of-reach access points and exterminate the rodents. Our team will use bait stations and apply eco-safe tracking powder to locate the rodents efficiently.

Avail of our effective rodent removal service for your business property in Brisbane today!

Trusted Experts For Rodent Control Service in Brisbane

Our pest control company has a licensed team that can facilitate rodent control services for homes and businesses in Brisbane. We have vast years of experience eliminating various types of rodents.

Rodents can damage your building structure and cause significant harm to your health, which is why requesting same-day service is important.

The emergency services we offer is available 24/7. We will arrive at your premises within an hour after your booking has been confirmed. Our eco-safe treatments are guaranteed safe and will not cause allergic reactions.

Call us now for an affordable same-day rodent pest control service in Brisbane today!